11 April 2013

DAY 3 of 30

FOR DAY TWO I completed a work assignment of Yahoo Voices.  I don't know if it'll be published yet but of course if it is I'll let you know.  So, that's two days down and 28 more to go.  Hopefully in the next three or four days I can get started on something that can end up being a completed project. 

I posted over on my Joseph Gadd Writings that I was looking to collaborate with an artist or other writers to help finish or start some writing work.  I believe I will charge only $10 a page for comics and we can agree on a word rate for any prose work.

Also, (time for some self indulgence) feel free to follow my blog post.  Dark Elf Designs is currently following so come along and join.

Well here's to day three.  Wish me luck.  Let me know if anyone is joining in.

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