11 April 2013

DAY 3 of 30

FOR DAY TWO I completed a work assignment of Yahoo Voices.  I don't know if it'll be published yet but of course if it is I'll let you know.  So, that's two days down and 28 more to go.  Hopefully in the next three or four days I can get started on something that can end up being a completed project. 

I posted over on my Joseph Gadd Writings that I was looking to collaborate with an artist or other writers to help finish or start some writing work.  I believe I will charge only $10 a page for comics and we can agree on a word rate for any prose work.

Also, (time for some self indulgence) feel free to follow my blog post.  Dark Elf Designs is currently following so come along and join.

Well here's to day three.  Wish me luck.  Let me know if anyone is joining in.

10 April 2013


  I CAN'T BELIEVE I nearly blew it on the first day.  Yesterday was off to a fine start: good morning, beautiful day, work in the garden and then came evening.  It was around ten or eleven, my wife and I had just finished dinner and put Maddy, our daughter, down for the night.  I went through the house, locking the doors and closing the blinds.  I prepared a juice bottle and two milk bottles in case Maddy would need one during the night.  I returned to the bedroom and settled down.  The women's NCAA championship was on, but neither one of us were really watching it.  My wife fell asleep first and I'd decided to do the same.  And then it hit me, I hadn't written anything.

  Just put it off until the morning, I told myself.  But I didn't want to fail, so I grabbed my iPhone and opened a writing ap I'd downloaded.  It took a few moments to think of something to write.  As I listened to my wife and child sleep, I found myself listening to the house.  There were boards creaking, appliances in the kitchen humming, the windows were popping as tiny bugs fought to get inside to the lights.  Outside, our home is in a rural part of East Tennessee, in the fields I could hear a pack of coyotes whelping.  Of course, our boxer, which we keep outside, was barking bravely back at them, or in fear asking them to please leave him alone.  With all these noises I began to think, what if the house was alive?  What if I was the only one in my family who believed this?  What would happen if I began to tear into the walls, or started studying the house, or talking to it?  What would be the reaction that my wife and friends would give to me?  So I began to write.

  I began the suspenseful story last night in bed, from my iPhone, and synced it to my email.  Later today I'll post all of it or some of it for you to read.  As always comments, feedback, critics, insight are always welcome and appreciated.  The only thing I ask is that no one use profanity. 

09 April 2013


I'VE BEEN READING these post on Twitter and Facebook from artist who have given themselves the task of 100 days or 30 days of art assignments.  In which, everyday they draw something, anything, in order to stay active.  I've found that artist, whether writers or visual artist, have to keep moving.  We have to continuously practice our craft or we become stale and then we're of no use to anyone.

In saying all of this, what I've decided to do is to get active.  Ever since high school, I've enjoyed writing but I've never given the craft the proper attention it deserves.  For the last fifteen years, give or take a year or two, I've had this unhealthy notion that I'm the greatest writer never to be published.  I felt that I was just as good as Salinger or some of the other respected authors.  Although, it was, and still is, important for me to have confidence in my ability, I was getting the cart before the horse.  So, at the age of 32 I'm doing what I needed to do from the beginning, or at least at the age of 22, I'm beginning.  I choose the term, beginning, because I can't start over what I never started.

Today is April 9, 2013 and starting today I will begin writing.  No matter if anyone likes it or if anyone reads it, I'm going to write something each day.  Exactly what I write, I'm not sure.  Suggestions are always helpful.  But I hope to cover a wide range of things, from articles, essays, short stories, book chapters, outlines, notes, journal entries, etc.  But there are a few things that I'm not going to count in this 30 Days of Writing that includes this blog entry or any to follow, these are conversations with you, nor will tweets or any social media post.

I will try to post pictures of any long hand assignments that I do.  And of any documents that I write, I'll post links to them on this blog.  My purpose in doing this is to be able to complete something.  It's my hope to use this as a stepping stone.  So, here's to going back in time to 22 years old and hopefully by the time I'm 32 again I'll be able to look back on this blog and thank myself.

19 January 2013

Been Creative: GHOSTY

Here's a one page story I started last night and finished inking today. This is my first story that I've drawn in its entirety since sixth grade. Please excuse the sloppy inking, but all in all I'm proud of it. Hope everyone enjoys.

17 January 2013

Been Writing: About A Ring, Not A Movie Ring

Just got done writing a short story about an hour ago. It felt good to complete a story in one sitting. A good birthday present for this 32 year old. I know that there will be several hours of rewrites but for now, I'm satisfied.
I tentatively title the story The Ring (I know that's the same title of a scary movie). It's about a normal man who gains god-like powers when he switches his wedding band from his left hand to his right. I was inspired by the new band my wife bought me for Christmas. It's a little bigger than the last and has taken a little getting use to. From time to time I will switch it from hand to hand to keep it from rubbing on various things that I might be fooling with. My previous ring was thin and a smaller gauge of metal. I'd mostly forgotten that the old one was on my finger. Which will be the same for this new one as time goes on.
I hope to get done editing the story by months end and maybe submitted to some publications or contest. If there are no buyers for the story then I'll post it in this blog for people to read. Well that's about it, getting late. Fingers crossed and head bowed praying for some good fortune. Good night followers and friends.

15 January 2013

Been Sketching: Several Concept Designs

Although art isn't my strong suit, I do enjoy sketching some concept designs. I find that it helps me figure out if what I'm writing is doable or not. It also gives me some reference material to go back to as I get deep within script writing.
These next few pictures are of some characters that I've created. Some I've wrote scripts for but most I have not. It would be fun for me to see someone who is looking for projects to collaborate on take an interest in these characters. The origin of any of these concepts are very flexible.
Thanks for the follows and hope you enjoy and as always feed back is welcome.
The first two pictures are of a character I refer to as The Soulless. After this follows with concept designs of The Human Stone (or Rock, not sure which yet). Then is a voodoo priestess not tied to any story. And the remaining pictures are of Jack from the comic I wrote as a one shot during college called Will 'o the Wisp: The Jack Lantern Tales (Long enough title?).

14 January 2013

Been Tweeting: Just Following

Just set up my twitter account @GaddJoseph, let's see how this goes. For someone who's not that social, in the last month I've actually put a lot of effort into social networking. The reason, for the last 10 years I've been toying around with the notion of writing comics. I'll be 32 on the 16th and realized I've not taken writing serious. So starting this year... oh my lord I just made a New Years Resolution. Seriously though, I am going to push myself to have something in print before the end of the year.
Thanks to all of those who are reading this, following this and for leaving comments. You can follow me on Twitter @GaddJoseph or Facebook at jrgcomics.

06 January 2013

Been Watching: Supernatural Season 4

Enter, Castiel. This is the character that got me into watching the show. Saw him on TNT and was hooked. Actor Misha Collins plays the angel well, and Jimmy for that matter.

Well that's really all I've got for this post. Wanted the entire post to consist of, "Castiel, 'nough said." But got a little excited when I realized this, season four, was the season I started watching in syndication.

Been Writing: A Comic Script, Short... Short... Short Comic Script

The process of writing scripts, or the process of which I write comic scripts, is a random one. Three fourths of the time I proceed with an idea, then outline, rough draft and then a living hard copy that can change during re-reads and proofreads. But then there is the spontaneous idea and with that comes a quick and scattered script that tries to capture the idea in its entirety within the confines of the page or my head.

It is in this latest method that I find my current script emerging. I've written a character that I've called Jack, or Will 'o the Wisp: The Jack Lantern Tales for short, and even after ten years his origin story is still unclear. At this point I settled on the idea that his basic persona is a ghost hunter or soul hunter. With the current story that I'm working on I'm trying to do a one page, nine panel short short story. Ghost House is the title and only concrete idea I've come up with. One panel down eight to go.

The premise of the story is that Jack goes to a Ghost House in the attempt to rid it of the spirits living there. Although it will vary from the original concept of Jack, I believe he will be collecting the souls within special mason jars, perhaps preserving them for their final journey. I went with this direction because I wanted something whimsical in the story or perhaps the story to be whimsical.

A few reasons for the unorthodox method of scripting on this story, 1) I'm going to draw the story as well as write it, which is why it will be a short short story, 2) I'm excited to draw the story so I've done more concept design than actual writing and 3) I'm not sure what my limitations are in drawing sequential art. The reason for this blog entry is because I'm stalling before I begin writing the script. But in "stalling" I've actually been able to solidify some ideas, so some work was accomplished without effort. The best type of work I might add.

Now, let us begin this haunted adventure we call Ghost House. Page one, panel one......

02 January 2013

Been Watching: Supernatural Season 3

MY WIFE and I have just recently started watching the Supernatural series. I remember when the show first started off several years ago. My cousin tried to get me into it, but I never gave it a fair shot. I must say that I regret not hitching up the team to the band wagon at the start, but I'm glad that I've jump on now.

I caught a few episodes from season six or seven on TNT back in October and was intrigued. I enjoy stories about angels and the different takes on their histories. [Neil Gaiman writes about them in NEVERWHERE and quit well.] When the current season began on The WB I decided to record it to the dvr and get caught up on the previous season before watching.

Season three keeps rolling along with the story after the demise of the Yellow Eyed demon. Dean is headed for Hell after a deal he made at the cross roads in exchange for Sam's life. The show mixes comedy and horror good without being campy, but when the writers do campy they do it well.

I highly recommend anyone who has not watched the series or given it a fair shake like I had to get on board now. Rent, buy, TNT, Netflex, Vimeo or wherever or however you watch shows, watch this show.