15 January 2013

Been Sketching: Several Concept Designs

Although art isn't my strong suit, I do enjoy sketching some concept designs. I find that it helps me figure out if what I'm writing is doable or not. It also gives me some reference material to go back to as I get deep within script writing.
These next few pictures are of some characters that I've created. Some I've wrote scripts for but most I have not. It would be fun for me to see someone who is looking for projects to collaborate on take an interest in these characters. The origin of any of these concepts are very flexible.
Thanks for the follows and hope you enjoy and as always feed back is welcome.
The first two pictures are of a character I refer to as The Soulless. After this follows with concept designs of The Human Stone (or Rock, not sure which yet). Then is a voodoo priestess not tied to any story. And the remaining pictures are of Jack from the comic I wrote as a one shot during college called Will 'o the Wisp: The Jack Lantern Tales (Long enough title?).

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