17 January 2013

Been Writing: About A Ring, Not A Movie Ring

Just got done writing a short story about an hour ago. It felt good to complete a story in one sitting. A good birthday present for this 32 year old. I know that there will be several hours of rewrites but for now, I'm satisfied.
I tentatively title the story The Ring (I know that's the same title of a scary movie). It's about a normal man who gains god-like powers when he switches his wedding band from his left hand to his right. I was inspired by the new band my wife bought me for Christmas. It's a little bigger than the last and has taken a little getting use to. From time to time I will switch it from hand to hand to keep it from rubbing on various things that I might be fooling with. My previous ring was thin and a smaller gauge of metal. I'd mostly forgotten that the old one was on my finger. Which will be the same for this new one as time goes on.
I hope to get done editing the story by months end and maybe submitted to some publications or contest. If there are no buyers for the story then I'll post it in this blog for people to read. Well that's about it, getting late. Fingers crossed and head bowed praying for some good fortune. Good night followers and friends.

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