02 January 2013

Been Watching: Supernatural Season 3

MY WIFE and I have just recently started watching the Supernatural series. I remember when the show first started off several years ago. My cousin tried to get me into it, but I never gave it a fair shot. I must say that I regret not hitching up the team to the band wagon at the start, but I'm glad that I've jump on now.

I caught a few episodes from season six or seven on TNT back in October and was intrigued. I enjoy stories about angels and the different takes on their histories. [Neil Gaiman writes about them in NEVERWHERE and quit well.] When the current season began on The WB I decided to record it to the dvr and get caught up on the previous season before watching.

Season three keeps rolling along with the story after the demise of the Yellow Eyed demon. Dean is headed for Hell after a deal he made at the cross roads in exchange for Sam's life. The show mixes comedy and horror good without being campy, but when the writers do campy they do it well.

I highly recommend anyone who has not watched the series or given it a fair shake like I had to get on board now. Rent, buy, TNT, Netflex, Vimeo or wherever or however you watch shows, watch this show.

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