06 January 2013

Been Writing: A Comic Script, Short... Short... Short Comic Script

The process of writing scripts, or the process of which I write comic scripts, is a random one. Three fourths of the time I proceed with an idea, then outline, rough draft and then a living hard copy that can change during re-reads and proofreads. But then there is the spontaneous idea and with that comes a quick and scattered script that tries to capture the idea in its entirety within the confines of the page or my head.

It is in this latest method that I find my current script emerging. I've written a character that I've called Jack, or Will 'o the Wisp: The Jack Lantern Tales for short, and even after ten years his origin story is still unclear. At this point I settled on the idea that his basic persona is a ghost hunter or soul hunter. With the current story that I'm working on I'm trying to do a one page, nine panel short short story. Ghost House is the title and only concrete idea I've come up with. One panel down eight to go.

The premise of the story is that Jack goes to a Ghost House in the attempt to rid it of the spirits living there. Although it will vary from the original concept of Jack, I believe he will be collecting the souls within special mason jars, perhaps preserving them for their final journey. I went with this direction because I wanted something whimsical in the story or perhaps the story to be whimsical.

A few reasons for the unorthodox method of scripting on this story, 1) I'm going to draw the story as well as write it, which is why it will be a short short story, 2) I'm excited to draw the story so I've done more concept design than actual writing and 3) I'm not sure what my limitations are in drawing sequential art. The reason for this blog entry is because I'm stalling before I begin writing the script. But in "stalling" I've actually been able to solidify some ideas, so some work was accomplished without effort. The best type of work I might add.

Now, let us begin this haunted adventure we call Ghost House. Page one, panel one......

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