06 January 2013

Been Watching: Supernatural Season 4

Enter, Castiel. This is the character that got me into watching the show. Saw him on TNT and was hooked. Actor Misha Collins plays the angel well, and Jimmy for that matter.

Well that's really all I've got for this post. Wanted the entire post to consist of, "Castiel, 'nough said." But got a little excited when I realized this, season four, was the season I started watching in syndication.


  1. Hey joe thanks for the comment on my facebook page, I don't watch supernatural I have had a passing interest in the series and the comics however. I figured I would wait til I could buy the dvd's before I went gung ho on watching it. I have missed so much of it not being caught up with the first season although wikipedia and the net has alot about it actually experiencing the show from the beginning is what I am hoping for.

    1. Yeah that was my thoughts too. Once I got into the show it turned out to be good and worth the watch.